Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nicholas Never's First Post

Hello, Internets.

This is just a basic, introductory post. As often as I'm able, I'm basically going to blog about a cool horror, sci-fi, or otherwise cheesy, unintentionally silly, and basically schlock-filled film. Might even do occasional book reviews as time permits. Possibly even television. But much, much, diabolically less frequently. Who knows? Not you, that's who.

There should be several real posts this week, because it's a break between semesters. Keep in mind that I absolutely love movies of nearly all types and quality. Some I can't abide, but I may torture myself long enough to write something you may enjoy. Also, this isn't going to be MST3K. Mostly because I don't really know how I can put a comedic commentary to text. I don't think it would work.

This is as much practice for me as anything else. I spend my days studying film and literature, and the days when I'm not doing that, I'm writing content for e-commerce websites. So this is an exercise in writing, in review, as well as online marketing and SEO. So we'll see if anyone actually manages to find their way to this bloggity blog of mine.

The only real, conceivable ways I can think of that you stumbled here is either by pure, dumb, incredibly happy luck, or you've blundered your way over from my Twitter. So, in that case, welcome, persons I don't actually know in real life! I hope you enjoy reading things from me in more than 140 character increments. But probably not, right?

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